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Frequently asked questions

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What will it cost to replace my bathroom?

In order to give you an accurate cost of any bathroom or shower room replacement or re-design we would need to send engineer to assess your needs or wishes.

Please contact us and we can arrange a no obligation quotation.

What will it cost to install a new boiler or central heating system?

To make sure that you get the right boiler and central heating system for your home you can arrange for one of our engineers to visit. Our adviser will give you a free, detailed quotation, which is tailored specifically to your needs.

Please contact us and we can arrange a no obligation quotation.

Does a boiler need to have regular services?

We recommend that you have your boiler serviced every 12 months, this will ensure that your boiler is working at its maximum performance, efficiency and safety.

Why is my radiator hot at the and cold at the bottom?

This usually means you have a sludge build up in the bottom of the radiator. This can be resolved by power flushing the system or chemically cleaning the system (which is the cheaper option). However, before taking any action we recommend that you seek expert advice to identify the cause of the sludge first, for example you may have a water leak.

Why is my radiator cold at the and hot at the bottom?

This usually means that there is air trapped in the of your radiator. You may want to try to bleed the radiator to release the air. However, we suggest that you have your central heating checked by an expert in case there are any underlying system problems.

Why are some of my radiators hotter than others?

This usually means that your central heating system is incorrectly balanced. This results in the hot water not flowing evenly to each radiator. We suggest that you have an expert check your central heating system.

Why do I not get enough hot water from my combination boiler?

Older combination boilers often have a lower flow rate than newer models. This can be made worse by a build up of scale in the boiler over time, this is a common problem with combination boilers, and in this situation we suggest that you have an expert check your boiler and central heating system.

What is a Thermostatic Radiator Valve?

A Thermostatic Radiator Valve allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms around your home. It can also help you reduce your fuel bills by automatically adjusting the radiator temperature once your room has reached its desired level.

How much could I save on my heating bill?

You can save up to 40% on your heating bills but this depends on the size of your home, how often you use your heating system what insulation you have in your home and the type of boiler you have fitted.

Is fitting a new central heating system very disruptive and messy?

The installation of a new system does involve new pipe work being fitted and heating controls being installed. We aim to ensure that disruption in your home is kept to a minimum and your property is well protected using all means possible, we will keep you updated on our progress at all times.

Are your engineers Gas Safe registered?

YES we employ our own team on highly skilled and fully qualified engineers, all of which have to be registered with the Gas Safe register. For more information about Gas Safe you can visit Hydro Plumbing & Heating on the Gas Safe website.

What is Benchmark?

Benchmark is an initiative launched to improve quality within the heating industry. All competent heating installers should be aware of benchmark standards. Virtually every boiler sold in the UK comes with its own log book which should be fully completed by the installer and handed to you once your new boiler has been installed and commissioned. This log book becomes your certificate of compliance with all relevant building regulations and also is your guarantee. No certificate no guarantee.

Does Hydro Plumbing & Heating Ltd install to benchmark standards?

YES is the quick answer, but in addition to this all our engineers are continually being re-trained to encompass current standards.

What if I don't comply and use a non registered installer?

1) In 2007 the government brought out home buyers pack to put responsibility on the seller of the house to provide certificates ensuring gas and electric services all comply with current regulations and standards.

2) Boiler manufactures will not provide a warranty if the home owner does not have their letter of compliance from Gas Safe.

3) The installation may also be unsafe.

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